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71 Claremont Road is a replacement dwelling undertaken by Kent Design Studio with the aim of creating a more ergonomic home for a growing family. Full height glazing and natural light was paramount in the brief to increase the amount of light in the rooms, creating a brighter and more inviting space for the inhabitants.

The proposed glazed gable addition to Bedroom 4 provides views across the garden, along with plenty of light. The glazed gable will create a feature element to the property giving further interest and variation to the proposed dwelling. This is in keeping with the style of the rest of the scheme.

The site lies within Tunbridge Wells and is located within the confines of the Tunbridge Wells Conservation Area and the AONB, as stated by Tunbridge Wells Council.

The external appearance of 71 Claremont Road integrates itself sympathetically into the local vernacular well, which allows it to settle into the immediate street scene with ease.

Although there is an eclectic mix of architectural styles along Claremont Road, 71 Claremont takes precedent from the immediate properties through use of facing brickwork and stone window cills. This reflects the traditional brick properties used in the houses opposite and the property to the immediate right, whilst taking into consideration the more conservative details such as the window headers and cills.

The use of industrial steel windows creates a modern twist on the local traditional fenestration, making an idiosyncratic pocket in an otherwise conservative road.

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