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Located in Goudhurst, within the heart of the AONB, this replacement dwelling sits within a well screened plot along the ridge, with long views of orchards and ancient woodland nestled within the surrounding valley.


This application represents a substantial increase in habitable floor space providing a two storey, contemporary family home with attractive landscaped gardens and leisure facilities.


From the outset this was a landscape led scheme, to allow the proposed dwelling to sit comfortably within its surroundings and ensuring it would be no more visually intrusive or prominent in its impact than the existing single storey bungalow. With this in mind, the dwelling will be partially built into the site meaning that the lower living spaces will sit below the existing ground levels. In turn, this design approach significantly reduces the bulk, scale, and mass of the building, keeping its overall height at the same level as the existing property. Furthermore, sliding timber louvred screens have been designed into the scheme, playing an important role in defusing light from the high level of glazing to the rear in the darker hours.


The use of natural, rural style materials not only compliment the dwellings rural setting but ensures high architectural design and finish which is sympathetic to the landscape character. The timber reflects a commonly found material within the local Kentish vernacular, albeit applied in
a more contemporary manor. With the backdrop of established vegetation surrounding the site, the use of such materials will help blend the structure in with its surroundings, softening any form of dominance within the landscape and further reducing visual impact.


This project starts on site in September 2022, and we are beyond excited to be working with the client throughout the development stage.

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