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Wierton Hall Farm Cottage is a Grade II listed property which has not altered drastically in terms of the original footprint since the 15th century.


There have been later alterations, primarily the 19th Century rear lean-to extension which now forms the kitchen and storage.


The brief was to provide an oak frame and glass link between the existing Listed Building and a proposed Kitchen and Dining Room at the rear. Therefore, the proposed building was located at a lower level than the exiting Listed Building to make a clear demarcation between the two buildings.


Kent Design Studio worked closely with the Local Authorities conservation and planning department as well as all relevant consultants to obtain planning permission for the scheme on this sensitive site.


Kent Design Studio produced the full Construction package after obtaining planning approval, including all general arrangement drawings and a range of construction details ensuring the end product was of the highest standard and met the client’s requirements.


The result was a useable living / dining space for a growing family who like the form of modern living in a historical asset.

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