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Kent Design Studio provided full feasibility, pre application, planning and construction packages for this project.  A close working relationship with the contractor was also implemented to ensure the detailing and finish of the property was of a very high level.  


The positioning of a two storey element to the rear of a single storey element means that it is almost invisible from the principle elevation that fronts the highway.  Vast reaching views to the South have been fully exploited, creating a property with stunning views over the Weald of Kent.  


As part of the design ethos it has been key to ensure the original Colt House remained as a landmark element upon the site, though re-clad, it still maintains the essence of the original property.  The proposed rear extension takes a more modern approach through the use of metal standing seam walls and roofing to acknowledge the use of this type of material used upon agricultural structures throughout the area.  


Large, well proportioned areas of high specification glazing have been proposed to ensure natural daylight is delivered to key habitable rooms.


The proposals have also had sustainability as a key driving factor through the design and construction process. The use of an air source heat pump for the heating system and the use of eco friendly, low carbon technologies have also been implemented.  


The two storey extension walls have been constructed and insulated using a Hempcrete wall system with a lime render as the external finish.  Elsewhere the property has been well insulated far in excess of building control requirements to ensure an energy efficient dwelling with low running costs is created.

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