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When Kent Design Studio were approached by a local builder to gauge interest on their friends project in Shetland, we instantly said yes.


A site visit was arranged and the client gave us a tour of the building, explaining it was the former Shetland Planning departments office.


The building was in a poor state, with the top floor 1980’s mansard roof extension suffering the most.


After some considerable measuring and time spent in Lerwick visiting local architectural attractions and landmark buildings, we flew back to Kent to start work on proposals.


The first task was to remove the mansard extension and replace it with something more contemporary, that references the nautical buildings in Lerwick.


Another key factor was to keep as much of the existing structure as possible as the walls were cast concrete and very thick. Therefore, much of the apartment layouts were designed with this in mind.


The penthouse enjoys outstanding views over Lerwick coastline, pictured.


The client has asked us back to look at various other projects in Shetland for them.

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