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The West house is a grade II listed building. Kent Design Studio were commissioned to provide planning and building regulation drawings for the demolition of an unsuitable 80’s conservatory and garage addition and the extension of the house to provide a new kitchen / dining space, re configuring the internal layout. Having researched the history, we discovered that the house actually dated back to 1547 and was re fronted in mathematical tiles in the 18th century to give a fashionable contemporary look. Two wings were added in 1896 and 1910, and since 1984 it has been divided into 4 separate houses.


For almost all of its life it has been in domestic use.

However, from 1933 to 1940, and again from 1945 to 1948, it was occupied by an independent boarding school. This was originally founded in Herrlingen, near Ulm in Germany. It was a progressive school, with many Jewish pupils.

The end result is a modern, open kitchen / dining space finished very well and a great additional to the spectacular host dwelling.

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